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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions which are asked a lot by travellers and expats are stated below. But do not worry, if your question might not pop up in the list please reach out to us to get it answered by our team.

In general it is wise to clean your teeth twice a day. Preferably make use of an electric brush as you usually press less on your gums which prevents receding and sensible gums.

Depending on the size of the filling, a treatment for filling will take on average between half and one hour.

First we examine whether a crown or bridge is really necessary. Personally we prefer to preserve your own tooth if possible. Next we take x-rays to determine the conditions wherein a crown or bridge needs to be placed. Furthermore we take impressions of your teeth and discuss the color and material of the crown or bridge. Our dental lab will then design and develop your crown or bridge. In a second appointment we will make pre-arrangements first to assure everything is in the right place. Next we place your crown. In addition, we always provide aftercare to our patients.

To go short. Yes, absolutely. Root canal treatment is, when executed well, safe to your tooth. There are different types of root canal treatments and some are more complex than others. If a root canal treatment is more complex, we always make sure on of our endodontists will complete this procedure. An endodontist is a dentist which is specifically specialized in root canal treatments.