Dental Emergency
Buenos Aires

In case you currently face a DentalĀ  Emergency in Buenos Aires, we are always able and willing to help you out as soon as possible. On this page you will find the most common dental emergencies we come across here in Buenos Aires. Each tab covers briefly the dental emergency and contains a link to another page with more detailed information on the emergency itself. In case you have any doubts regarding what you read, contact us for free.
We are more than willing to help you out with any question you might have.

If you would like to contact us immediately and get a direct advise, we have three options for you to reach out to us and get immediate dental advise on your issue:

  • By phone on number: +54 11 6569-0005.
  • By Whatsapp (upper right hand corner on the page).
  • By email on our contact page.